Meet the Go Family

Mrs. Tell

When I'm not traveling and blogging about it, I teach sewing through National Sewing Circle, including monthly sewing Q&As. I write romance novels and love to cook.

To contact us, either comment on any blog post or email meetthegofamily at gmail dot com.

Mr. Go

The 2nd hardest working man on the planet (after my father). By day, world-traveling management consultant. By night -- father, husband, ringleader, explorer, entertainer and planner of financial freedom. My only goal is to make the most of my time with the people I love spending time with (my mobile family unit).


Our toddling terror angel, Babs is a carbon copy of her mother and also somehow inexplicably now 6 years old.


A 12-year old rat terrier, Flotsam ruins everything but we love him anyway.

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