February 8, 2017

Easy DIY Make-Believe Shield

In less than 5 minutes, make a DIY shield for toddler's pretend play. Whether she wants to be Wonder Woman, a gladiator, Captain America or something else entirely, this easy shield is guaranteed to satisfy.

What You Need:
Empty toilet paper roll
Cardboard from a frozen pizza

UDI's gluten free pizza crust comes with a delightfully small cardboard circle.

Let her draw on the shield. (Mom has a Captain America shield you can see in the background so we colored one side of her shield to match.)

Using scissors, cut a hole an inch or so in from one end of the empty toilet paper roll. This is for her thumb.

Center the roll on the back of the shield; tape or glue, and then play!

Tip: A paper towel roll is a great pretend sword. She calls it her 'sword hand' because her entire hand goes inside the end.

Faithful animal sidekick optional.